Finding a Therapist, Counsellor or Psychologist in Kamloops

Find a Counsellor in Kamloops

Before I moved to Kamloops, I never even thought that finding a doctor might be a problem. Since then I’ve been told finding a therapist is no walk in the park either. As a counsellor myself, I hope you find this information helpful in your search to find a counsellor in Kamloops. We are out there and we want to help.

Kamloops is great but…

Kamloops is an amazing little city.  It is just the right size to have all the amenities and small enough to run into people you know at Costco.  The terrain in and around Kamloops allows you to be active in every season through a wealth of sporting opportunities.  The weather lets you experience the thrill of all the seasons without any of them dragging on endlessly like winter in Winnipeg, or the never ending drizzle on the coast. 

I recently made Kamloops my home after toughing winter out on the prairies for too many years.  I have been told this last winter has been a harder one for Kamloops, but with temperatures staying in the minus single digits, I work hard to refrain myself from twirling in circles and yelling “I love it. I love it. I love it.”  Such behaviour gets you branded as an ex-Saskatchewanite pretty quickly.  

A challenge I didn’t expect moving to Kamloops has been finding out that having a family doctor could be years away.  I learned you either have to deal with whoever is at the walk-in clinic or you can get put on a waiting list that is about 3 years long!  That is a little troubling.  

Finding a Counsellor in Kamloops is Easier!

Fortunately, the search for a counsellor or therapist is much easier than it is for a doctor.  

Looking for a therapist can be a difficult task. If you google counsellor Kamloops, you will be faced with pages of listings of counselling offices that make it difficult to chose.  Too many of you have simply closed the browser and walked away, preferring Netflix instead.  I get it.  I’m afraid of being guilty of the same thing.  All the ‘what if’s’ pop up – “What if I find a counsellor and we don’t mesh?”  “What if they want to put me on medication?” “What if they are as crazy as I am?”

Then there’s the confusing question of “Do I need to a psychiatrist, psychologist, counsellor, therapist, social worker, spiritual director, life coach or shaman?  What is the difference between them anyways?  I won’t take the time to answer that here, but I’ll post the answer to that question eventually.  For the purpose of this article we will assume you are looking for someone to talk to that has been trained to listen and ask clarifying questions.  From here on in, I will call them “Counsellors ” although they may be psychologists, therapists, coaches etc. 

I want to help you find a counsellor in Kamloops that works for you by letting you in on a few important keys that will make your search easier.    

Counsellor Search Engines

Ideally a personal referral is best but there are other ways. Let me introduce you to two amazing search websites made for finding counsellors, therapists and psychologists. There are more but these two will get you started:  

  1.  Psychology Today – the most popular place for therapists to list their practices. Despite the name it’s not just for Psychologists. Most counselling professionals advertise here.
  2. Lumino – this site is hosted by Sunlife, so if you have insurance through them, this may be the way to go. It has unique features listed below.

1. Psychology Today: 

If you search for counselling and your city chances are good Psychology Today pops up. This is the most common site for counsellors to list on.  Here are some items to help you in your search:

  • Your City: At the top is a search bar and you want to type your city in that bar.  That will narrow down your search. This list is random and the therapists  are rotated around. That means the ones at the top haven’t won a popularity contest or anything, it is simply their turn to be on the top.  You can scroll through and see if any of the jump out at you…well not literally, this isn’t Hogwarts.
  • What do you need help with? It is helpful if you know what you are looking for help with.  Are you struggling with anxiety or depression? Grief? Relationship Issues? There is a drop-down at the top to pinpoint people that specialize in what you are dealing with.   
  • How long are you willing to wait? Are you looking for counselling fairly soon or months down the road?  As you scroll through you can often see those that have a waiting list so you wouldn’t be able to get in soon.
  • Are you on a limited budget? Look for Counsellors that say they have a sliding scale.
  • Other Helpful Search Possibilities. There are lots of ways to narrow down your search so it’s not so overwhelming – gender, race, spirituality.
  • Online/In-person or Both? Do you want the option of seeing them online sometimes, that will be listed too. 

Psychology Today also has short 15 second videos that give you a brief feel for the therapist and their style.  Check a few of those out

Read their blurbs then I would encourage you to pick 3 or 4 and go visit their websites. This will often give you a sense of the counsellor’s focus and style.  Pay attention to phrases that resonate with you. My experience has been those that have taken the time to read some of the pages on my website and still want to make an appointment, are the absolute best fit and have the best results from therapy.

2. Lumino:

Lumino has a couple great features that Psychology Today doesn’t have. First it allows you from the main page to search for counsellors near your area. Secondly, unlike Psychology Today, it is not a paid advertising site. It allows people who have seen the counsellor listed to rate them. Now be aware, not everyone takes the time to give a rating and not everyone rates fairly. Take it into consideration like you would an Amazon or Google Review.

Free Therapy Consultation in Kamloops

Many of the counsellors are willing to offer a free 15 minute consult. If you are still undecided or have narrowed it down between a couple, this is a helpful service. You will see this option listed on the bottom of their Psychology Today page.

I hope this helps you find the right therapist for you within Kamloops.  If you are still feeling stuck, feel free to call me at 833-630-2010 for a free 15 min phone consult.  I’d be happy to hear about what is happening and help direct you to the right person.  If you are looking for individual counselling, you can read more about how I can help here: Trellis Coaching & Counselling

For further help in the next steps, check out:

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Counsellor Kamloops

Trish is a counsellor who works with amazing people online or in person (if they are lucky enough to live in Kamloops and area.) She has successfully maneuvered the challenge of finding a fantastic grandparent-like therapist that works for her.

Trish can be reached at 833-630-2010 (text preferred) or by email


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