Setting Boundaries

When You’ve Hit a Wall…or a Window: Self-Compassion

The bird in the picture above is a fortunate one.  A crash landing was inevitable when it came in contact with a patio door.   Stunned and hurting, gentle strong hands fueled by a compassionate heart scooped the wounded from the dirt and lifted it to safety.  The young photographer captured this moment as her dad, …

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Embracing Winter & Avoiding Burnout

It happened this week. We were making last-minute preparations for the inevitable winter and it showed up. Early and unprepared…like a guest that comes when you’re still in your bathrobe. Shocking and uninvited…like that gray hair that pops up when you’re still way too young. It seems we had barely stepped into pumpkin-everything season and …

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A Place of Abundance

A place of abundance? If I were to ask you if you were in a place of abundance what would you say? On one hand, we are keenly aware, despite our internal cries for “more stuff”, that living in North America means we have a measure of abundance so many in the world can’t even dream about.  …

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“What Was I Thinking?” Dealing With Regret

What Was I Thinking? You are enjoying a beautiful morning. The sun in streaming in your windows. You are making strides with the never ending to-do list. The world isn’t so bad on this day. Then you hear the crunch of tires on your driveway. You quickly look around, the day you were ready for, …

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