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Guided Resources to Help You Heal

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Journal Exercises to Redirect, Focus & Heal

Journal Exercises Available Now

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Ancient applications to encourage your wounded soul.

Psalm 143 – Stuck in the Waiting Room of Life

Psalm 23 – 10 Brain Re-wiring Affirmations 

Psalm 42 – When You Don’t Feel Like Yourself 

Psalm 18 – Who Will Rescue You            (Available Jan. 29, 2024)

Anchoring Assignments February 2024

Healing Practices to calm your activated nervous system

Psalm 88 – When the Darkness Closes in (Available Feb. 2/2024)

Psalm 10 – Messy Prayers (Available Feb. 9/24)

Psalm 44 – Messy Emotions (Available Feb. 16/24)

Psalm 22 – Where Are You? (Available Feb. 24/24)

Flourish & Grow

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Discover tools to help encourage wholeness and nourish growth

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